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Welcome to my site

Here you will find out more about me and the wyrk I love to do in the world.

A good first move may be to watch the short introductory video below (2 mins 22 secs).

Filmed April 11, 2020 Gavrio, Andros

A wee map of the world, with time zones and some additional commentary



I see a world full of diversity, where everybody knows his or her own unique gifts and is contributing them, collaboratively and joyfully to make the world a better place. Land, oceans, rivers and all the creatures we share this planet with are seen, heard and respected. Our individual and collective potential far exceeds the grasp of any one person, and it is with immense gratitude that we continually seek out the best in ourselves and each other, even though we have many weaknesses and flaws. A gamified planet is one of my many dreams and if this attracts you, contact me. Let us play well and prosper!


I am currently (April 2020) wyrking on a broad range of personal projects in collaboration with friends, contributing my gifts as best I can.

I also support other people and their wyrk in different ways.

Please contact me if you want to find out more


I feel blessed to have many gifts. Some are stronger than others and they each have a shadow aspect, but I have wyrked hard to develop each one of them.


helping people shape and tell their story and that of their project


how to make everything you do more enjoyable and purposeful


helping people clarify their story and that of their project


energising people who are wyrking towards a better world


connecting people throughout the world who may find synergies in their wyrk and facilitating common ground


helping people develop their imagination


hosting online and real world spaces, creating warmth between people through humour and honesty so that communication flows

WORK IN PROGRESS (as at April 2020)

Golden Spider / writing and gamification project

GYAT / helping you Get Your Act Together

Modern Mystery Centers / modern spiritual science education

The Game Of Now / my social art: playing with the power of presence

Confident English / online, innovative English language courses

UniOne / gamified consciousness-raising community gatherings, with Moshè Garelik & friends


* Somehow the aesthetics of the word wyrk are more appealing to me than work



I have travelled far and wide, but now have found my home base in Andros, Greece. I also travel to Catalunya to see my son, Guillem.


Please do contact me if you think I can help you achieve your vision for a better world.

I use skype, zoom, whatsapp, telegram and FB regularly, and am happy to chat to people who who want everyone to win.

Please either send me an email through the contact form below or contact me directly through the whatsapp icon in the bottom right of the screen. If you see me online on Skype, ping me.

I normally reply within 12 hours or less.

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